Glamorous & Beautiful

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Glamorous & Beautiful  

Our Photo Shoots in the West Midlands are held at various locations showing your true beauty from within. We all need to understand who we are and self acceptance is probably no.1 in our own mind, something we concern ourselves with – mostly unnecessarily. This is particularly evident in these modern times as we emerge from our Schools, Colleges and Universities wanting to try to be the perfect symbol of beauty. Indeed throughout our lives magazines and publications thrust these images of perfection upon us but it is not until we reach somewhere in middle age where, hey the light bulb switches on, and the concern we put on ourselves really didn’t matter and we recognise our own true beauty, and become comfortable in our own skin.

But life shouldn’t be that way, sometimes people have situations that come upon them that fade these worries into insignificance and some times we “wake up and smell the Coffee” and know better. Those concerns you had for “that” nose, those arms, the hips – whatever it may have been, they are part of you and make you unique and beautiful for who you are.

We want you to celebrate “YOU” and for you to come and indulge a couple hours of “you time”. You are Glamorous & Beautiful and will see it in one of our Make up and Pamper Photo shoots. We want to produce the beauty thats you! come and celebrate 3 hours with us and we will make you feel empowered and help change your direction and bring forward your confidence in yourself.


Solihull Boudoir


So this is a Before and After Photo from one of our shoots..

Glamorous & Beautiful


Your Photo Shoot

We love to work creatively and as a team you the Photographer and Make-Up Artist we produce beautiful games you will be proud of. we talk before your Photo Shoot and talk through Styling and Makeup and colours. You have the chance to talk to our Make Up Artist before hand and we sort out a mood board for your shoot. On the day you are pampered and your face is cleaned and prepared for its make up. Time is not a pressure during your time with us, it is an experience from start to finish. Each Shoot is allocated a three hour window for you to get the most out of your time with us.

Here is an inspired 50’s style shoot..

Solihull Makeover Photoshoot


These are a few more to whet your appetite..

Makeover Solihull

After your Photo Shoot we take the images back into the studio where we assess them and work our magic to ensure you are happy with the results of the day and we invite you to pop in and review them with us – or we can pop out to you for a personalised viewing. We have a choice of options to display you beautiful images and we will show you some of these choices at your Photo Shoot Experience.

Makeover Solihull