School Photography Storyboards

School Photography Storyboards

School Photography Storyboards are a fantastic means to communicate your message to pupils, parents and important visitors such as Ofsted. We look to engage the daily life of your school with a strong visual message and incorporate inspirational quotes and mission statements to tie this altogether, sening out moralistic and value cultures within your school.

Pupils will love seeing their value within a school and being displayed internally within the school and most of all they feel valued.

It is our passion to be able to show the soul of a school in our images and we take these images during “A Day in the Life of your School” Photo shoot. Quite often these images are used for Website, Prospectus and wall display “School Photography Storyboards”.

We photography many areas of school life and endeavour to cover all facets of the school through education, Playtimes, PE, Lunch and Tutoring sessions. Most of all these will show the fun and engagement within your education establishment.


Talk with us through any of our contact points and we will call you back and if required pop in and see you to see how we can help you with your next  Photography Project.


M: 07974 356546 (in the UK)


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